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All healing is self healing

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Quite the statement to make but now even by scientific standards this have been proven to be true. As almost all "modern" medicine will only facilitate the body's own ability to heal that specific area.

So has been the truth for natural healers and remedies since the dawn of humanity.

A healer, whether its a shaman or a doctor practicing western medicine will only heal you to the extent of your beliefs. Which in reality translates to; you are the only healer you really need, and what needs to be healed is the beliefs we hold and the thoughtforms we cultivate. This is what creates the foundation from which we perceive the world and our day to day lives. In science this is proved in many peer reviewed research papers on the placebo effect , many of said reviews have been conducted the last decade. Making the information out there both available and time appropriate.

So drawing a parallel to the research on placebo and the recent boom in the usage of healing remedies such as NLP(Neuro Linguistic Programming ), QHH(Quantum Healing Hypnosis) and usage of psychedelic substances for healing. And the common denominator for the small selection of remedies I choose to write down is that they are all deeply connected to the subconscious.

And what we know about the subconscious is that IT indiscriminately program into our habits what we believe in whether it be television PROGRAMMING, social media, workplace and even our relationships.

Does that mean we can heal ourselves?


Just as a bodybuilder trains the various muscle groups we can train our conscious mind to indulge in things that's positive for our subconscious. Replacing our "bad habits" with good ones.

And yet another scientific fact for the sceptics. This type of brain training is called neuroplasticity and it is our brains ability to rewire itself, by training the mind to focus on other things(hold other beliefs )

Neuroplasticity is based on the science of our own nerves and neurons in our brain, and how our brain can be trained to to just about anything, under the right circumstances.

So knowing the facts about our true nature and how we can program our selves to heal.. I am making the statement "ALL HEALING IS SELF HEALING".

And that's the segway into what I do and what I believe to be my purpose this lifetime.

I want to teach you how to listen to the language of your body(intuition) and how to interpret the signs and communication we constantly receive from Divine and our spirit team.

With that said. You know where to find me.

Love and light


Emil A.K.Amundsen

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