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Finding, being your authentic self.

There are cycles of energy contained and controlled by our planetary system and its many moons and comets.

The cycle we are entering now is cycle ment to challenge us to become our most authentic self(whatever that entails for you)

This happens by events seemingly superimposed on us triggering the facets of us that is not of an authentic character. Making us consider and may very well force introspection on us.

This is a collective thing, affecting all of us. In varying degrees of course as we are all unique and have our unique paths and lessons to partake in.

Circling back to this being a collective event. Be on the alert for anything that feels limiting, conditional and just plain belittling as these are the triggers(aka. People ,situations and relations) that will try to suck you in when you are testing the waters with your new self. Be brave and remember that some people are sreasonal (actually most people and situations are seasonal or temporary) To teach us a valuable lesson about ourselves or the path we are walking. Again according to the cycles or energy governed by the plantets and stars. [This might also also serve as a synchronicity or a prompt from spirit, your guides or you soul to look deeper into tools such as astrology, human design, I-Ching, I could go on. Whatever suits your souls craving for acknowledgement and expression.]

So be brave and remember that while your journey sometimes is a lonely one you are never completely alone, spirit source is always here in all things and secondly you're exactly where you're supposed to be and the people and situations that are ment for you will reveal themselves at the perfect moment.

This cycle and upcoming new-year is a beautiful opportunity to seize who you really are.

Make everyday yours.

Much love

Emil Aleksander

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