So you've awakened, now what ?

Right now in this writing moment there are people waking up and feeling different, like their current life lacks a vital component. Yet undefinable but present enough to instigate some need for change.

For my own sake I was actually aware of the things I was guided to do but I choose to ignore it, until Divine threw a literal shitstorm at me and the life I was living and creating for myself. Effectively forcing me to start asking the questions; Am I happy in this relationship, job, life in general? Am I giving myself the love and respect I deserve? Am I doing what I am supposed to do? etc.

And as it turned out I did not. So Below I have comprised a small list of thing I found very helpful in my journey so far.

  • 1 Practicing brutal honesty with yourself.

What I mean with this is a huge part of awakening and soul growth is radical accountability for your own energy. Its putting you in total charge of your life and is the start of transmuting/rewiring of the victim-role we have played in our own life. Being the master of all your experiences is the premise here. It's how we end up perceiving the the trauma we experience in life that controls the consequence of that event.

In some way we always have choice of what we make of a situation. If we learn or if we "break".

So practicing radical accountability will help you uncover a teacher in the difficult moments of your life.

You decide what you take andwhat to leave behind. (this is also called shadow work)

  • 2 Meditation and breathwork

This have been a huge one for me, as the effects of continuous practice is profound.

Meditation is the first thing I started out with in my spiritual practice and I tried several different disciplines before discovering for finally creating my own sort of intuitive practice. Here is my recommendation to test the waters with different techniques before settling out of impatience. There are many different approaches to this as there is many different people out there. Get patient knowing yourself.

And then you can start developing your practice over time, in accordance with your intentions and growth.

The second leg of meditation in my opinion is breath work.

How aware are you of your breathing? Do you take shallow breaths or even forget to breathe sometimes?

This is actually the case for a huge part of the population. And rather than listing the diseases cased by it I will list the benefits and as the cherry on top a peer reviewed research paper on how breath control literally can change your life.

Here are a few: Reduced anxiety, increased metabolism, clear mindedness, focused, increased immune functions, reduces mood swings etc. The list can go on. This of course is effects by routinely practicing these techniques. I would also lastly check out Wim Hof. He is the modern pioneer of this kind of research and practice. He have helped the scientific community prove significant claims pertaining to breath work and its astonishing effects.

  • 3 Express your creativeness

This can be literally anything, but usually we all have something we enjoyed to do as a child (that's where I started)

I really enjoyed connecting with my inner child while trying out painting, drawing, singing and dancing . So many times I have goofed around so much that even I get a little embarrassed HAHA! That the beauty of it also. Being as unapologetic as a child would in expressing their happiness is a perfect exercise for expanding ones comfort zone as well as the practice of being vulnerable.

Expressing our creativity in whatever form it takes helps us closer to divine and our true self, and it is our divine right expressing it!

  • 4 Kill your television

This should probably be at the top of the list but it's quite provocative.

Now I don't want you to literally kill your TV, BUT I strongly recommend reducing your time in front of the " programming device" (No bs. its freaking crazy)

Many of us and especially in my generation grew up in front of this box and had our upbringing solely done by this mind control device. And in light of fairly recent publications and declassifications from various world governments, mind control and programming is going on and have been since the birth of television programming.(Its even in the word.)

I realized after not watching television for 6 months that oh boy was I being influenced by what was being said and expressed, the scope of it is scary! I saw my self being influenced by sitcoms and scripted comedies in how I acted and reacted in my personal life. I would not have gained this innsight if I had not removed myself from the influence. The big kicker here is that our subconscious does not differentiate between fact or fiction, so it adopts and adapts to the input we give it.

This does not mean the end of entertainment, just a big change. Instead of a fear based narrative from people getting paid by the number watching and not the quality of the content being put out there. Seek out the press conferences, research papers and interviews yourself. Read books on the subjects that inspire you, rather than having someone tell you this is that and that is this. Form your own understanding of things.

This list could go on forever, but you have important work to do.

I will leave you with this. A mountain is moved a rock at the time, a ladder is climbed a step at the time.

Take your time and let your awakening settle into a comfortable rhythm and routine.

There is help and guidance out there, so don't be afraid to reach out for guidance or even just to share your experience.

I'm here for you

Love and light.

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